Varying sizes, 2016.

This installation is representative of the transformations in my life through the process of archiving memories using photography and journaling. These photographs convey endless possibilities such as bringing the private to public and in this work, I appropriate these images into social tools that observe, document, and preserve the immigrant life.

The photographs presented mediate between two important events within two continental regions. The early photographs were taken in 1998 during my first birthday in Nairobi. The rest were taken in May 2009 on my first and 12th birthday in America. These are the only two documented birthdays celebrations I have within my family album. These photographs loom with melancholy; some of the objects such as the orange table, the floral covered couch, the cream colored curtains are intangible to me since my family sold them all when we immigrated to the U.S. These photographs are also representative of transitional states; celebrating a moment in my childhood while the other celebrates my adolescence.

The two written statements are written by my sister from her English-Language Learner class. She narrates of our first friends in the U.S. whom we share similar cultural backgrounds with.